NYU Langone Urology Associates - Long Island

Urology Research Group

The goal of the Urology Research Group at NYU Winthrop Hospital is to investigate clinical outcomes for urologic and oncologic patients in order to understand disease conditions and improve overall quality of life. In addition, the research team works closely with attending physicians, residents, statisticians and other hospital research staff on industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated research projects.

The research group is currently led by Mary Palmer, Supervisor – Research Coordinator, Clinical Trials, and is comprised of research analysts and a data coordinator. Since its inception in 2013, the Urology Research Group has been involved in six industry-sponsored clinical trials, five investigator-initiated research projects and has developed three research databases for prostate and bladder cancer as well as minimally invasive treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Group members have authored 14 publications and have presented 33 abstracts at regional, national and international meetings.

In 2020, the research team aims to initiate four clinical projects and one research database focusing on areas such as disease detection and treatment as well as prediction of clinical and quality of life outcomes for prostate cancer patients.

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