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A Pilot Study of Prostate Cancer-Specific Anxiety in Active Surveillance

Eligibility: Men over the age of 40 who have a primary diagnosis of prostate cancer and are undergoing active surveillance. Participants will be eligible if they score a 16 or above on the MAX-PC survey.

This study is a clinical trial done in collaboration with the Department of Behavioral Health to determine whether a 12-week group therapy intervention for patients undergoing active surveillance for prostate cancer can relieve disease-related anxiety and improve quality of life and delay elective treatment of prostate cancer.  The goal of the study is to further our understanding of anxiety in men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and are undergoing active surveillance.

As part of this clinical trial, patients will be assigned to either a treatment group or to a control group, who will receive no treatment, but continue to follow up with their urologist to manage their prostate cancer as usual. The treatment group will receive 12 one-hour group therapy sessions that will take place once a week for 12 weeks with a licensed psychologist free of charge.  They will be instructed to follow up with their urologist as previously determined for their prostate cancer management.  Patients in both groups will be monitored for anxiety completing three questionnaires, The Memorial Anxiety Scale for Prostate Cancer (MAX-PC), General Anxiety and Depression Scale 7 (GAD-7) and The Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy – Prostate (FACT-P) during the 1st, 4th and 12th weeks of therapy.  If patients require further therapy beyond the group treatment sessions, the investigators may refer them to a psychologist or psychiatrist for further treatment.

For more information, please contact our research coordinator at 516-535-4184 or urologyresearch@nyuwinthrop.org

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