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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Corcoran,
You saved my life, all I can say is thank you. For the most part, people take life for granted and they do not realize how things can change in a split second. I look at life different these days, and because of you I was able to walk down the aisle with my daughter last week for her wedding. Each and every day I am here is a one more day in paradise. I thank you. Have a great day.


Dr. Schiff,
I just wanted to thank you for speaking with me and my wife about the possible treatment for my condition. You are a very compassionate and caring person and also with a great sense of humor, which is hard to find in the medical field.
Other doctors and students should learn from you and show how you can make patients comfortable and be informative at the same time. It was our pleasure to see you.


Dr. Katz,
My visit with Dr. Katz was an excellent experience. I registered easily, was greeted by Danielle once in the examining room. She was extremely friendly and pleasant and encouraging. James, Dr. Katz’s PA, was also great and through.
Dr, Katz is amazing and a great physician. He is a great listener and is also helpful and motiving. This was my first experience in the Garden City office after visiting the NYC office for many years. Convenient location and easy parking.


The staff is the best, as usual. I have not seen nurses perform their jobs as great as those at Langone Urology Associates. Excellent!


I am thrilled with the Urolift procedure that Dr. Schiff performed to treat my BPH. Just two weeks post surgery and “I feel like I am 18 again!”


On behalf of myself and my family,  I   just wanted to thank you and your staff for the outstanding treatment our  father received while under your care.  Through all his visits, he was never made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.  From our first stop at the front desk right through to the last at billing, my Dad was treated with the utmost dignity, respect. care and compassion by everyone he encountered. We couldn't have asked for more, and we will always be extremely grateful. Please be sure to share this with your staff. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Dear Dr Katz,
I have returned to UAE, and one of the first things I thought I should do is to write to you.
I am very grateful for the time you had spent on me and your meticulousness, and it won't be an exaggeration if I say that I felt very touched by your solicitude. I wish all the doctors of the world treat their patients with the same care and concern that you show.
If you were ever to come to Dubai or elsewhere in UAE, please do let me know, and I would consider it an honour to host you here.
I hope the tests would all turn out to be okay and hope to hear from you on the rest of the tests for which you are awaiting results. Once again, a big thank you!

With kind regards,

I recently had an appointment with Dr. Corcoran... He WAITED for me twice this year, first was because of a snow storm, and second was because of a time conflict(my fault). Never have I been waited on by a most patient Doctor. First was the surgery, second was the follow-up. I tried to send in a triple "A" award, with no luck, could you see that he gets one?


"Dr. Corcoran explains a complex cancer diagnosis in such plain language that was easy to understand for me and my husband, He used animation to explain how the surgery would go. We had no problems after my husband's surgery and he is cancer free!!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY WITH HIM!!!!"

“Dr. Corcoran took so much time to explain everything to me in a way that was very understandable. Excellent bedside manner.”

~~Hello Dr. Katz,
"A short note of thanks for your advice and referring me to Dr. Corcoran.Yesterday I had a follow-up to my Robotic Prostatectomy and the PSA revealed "O"  which is great news to an active 69 year old.  Life is great and thanks to you and Dr. Corcoran I will resume my healthy active life." 

Thank you from another cancer survivor.

“I am a 73 year old male who had lower urinary tract symptoms after being treated with radiation therapy for prostate cancer.    I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Schiff for a Urolift procedure.  Two weeks after having Urolift done I have significant improvement in frequency, urgency, the need to get up to use the bathroom at night I am very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Schiff!“

Dear Dr. Schiff,
"Thanks so much for squeezing me into your schedule on Monday.  I appreciate your thoughtful and candid advice on my situation.  You help calm my nerves. 
I look forward to seeing you again in a few months when we do the blood work again.
Congratulations on your still relatively new position on the Langone Urology Team."
All the best,

Dear Dr. Katz,
"Please be advised that you have served as my urologist for the past few years. Prior to my Green Laser Surgery, I suffered for years from an enlarged Prostate resulting in frequent and uncontrollable urinations, swelling of the lower calves, many sleep interruptions and ultimately retaining almost 700 cc urine in my body.Since the green laser surgery, the frequent urinations have stopped ( now 3-5 hour intervals ), the elimination of swelling calves, increased energy and reduction of my irregular heart beat intervals.  Your professionalism, attentiveness to detail and expertise has positively changed my life. At 70, I now pursue a vigorous exercise regime and am more productive. You are a great representative of the medical profession and salute you for a job well done."


Dear Dr. Katz,
"This 81 year old attorney from Ohio wishes to again express to you my sincere gratitude for your kindness in guiding me through the shoals with focal cryotherapy treatment.  It is unfortunate that there may be others who may not have the opportunity as I have to be your patient and they may be misdirected in the proper standard of care not having been introduced to your skills. In the near future I expect to write to the various medical centers that I previously consulted and suggest that they seriously consider cryotherapy as a standard of care and option for cases such as mine.Thanks again for your genuine personal concern and assistance.  May “the man upstairs” give you the healthy and strength you deserve to continue your good work.


To: Dr. Schiff, Meg, Debbie, Terry and the rest of the Office Staff,
"Thank you for getting us through a rough time."

S. Family

"Just a note of thanks for all your help handling my case this year.  Your attention to detail and follow-up was outstanding."

Best Wishes,
MC & Fami

"Thank you Dr. Katz and Jim, your PA, for your help with my husband this past June."

Thank you.
D. P.

"Dr. Schiff, I wanted to let you know that ALL of the staff at your office were wonderful ‘from soup to nuts’, you are a great doctor and you really put him at ease about the entire procedure."


"Dr. Katz, as crazy as this sounds I have to tell you that this was the easiest prostate biopsy I have ever had. I have been to other Urologists and none of them have your skill or calming nature."


Dr. Schiff:

I am in the Bahamas enjoying a vacation with my wife Judi. Because of your treatment, I am a 3.5 year prostate cancer survivor who is full of energy, feeling good, physically fit & living life to the fullest.

Thank you!
- DP

Dr. Schiff,
Your patient last week (9mm kidney stone with an infection) who I referred to you as she is my best friend so I wanted to personally thank you for making her dream come true and making it possible for her to attend her destination wedding in Mexico this past weekend. As you could imagine she was extremely disappointed with the timing of her illness but was very pleased with her care and that she was able make it to Mexico. She was frightened in the hospital but I reassured her she was in great hands. She wanted me to thank you for all of your help. She will be back late this afternoon and I am sure you will be hearing from her shortly.





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