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Investigating and Characterizing the Immune Response to Prostate Cancer Treatment

Eligibility: Prostate cancer patients who will undergo cryotherapy (total or focal), CyberKnife® or have a radical prostatectomy.

This study is a clinical study to investigate and characterize the immune response profile to different prostate cancer treatments in patients with localized prostate cancer.  The immune system plays an important role in cancer, and there is evidence that different types of cancer treatment can elicit different responses from the body’s immune system.  This study is designed to look at immune markers in the blood and urine of patients undergoing four different types of prostate cancer treatment and compare the differences.

Patients who have elected total cryotherapy (freezing of the entire prostate), focal cryotherapy (freezing only the side of the prostate affected by cancer), CyberKnife® stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) and radical prostatectomy (removal of the entire prostate) for the treatment of their prostate cancer will be eligible to participate in this study.  The study is expected to enroll 40 patients, 10 patients per treatment group.  The study includes a screening visit during which the subject will provide informed consent, and provide a blood sample and a urine sample.  At 2-3 weeks following their scheduled treatment, patients will again provide another blood and urine sample.  At a regularly scheduled follow up at 3 months, patients will again provide another blood and urine sample.  These samples are collected for research purposes only and there will be no additional cost to the patient.

For more information, please contact our research coordinator at 516-535-4184 or urologyresearch@nyuwinthrop.org

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