NYU Langone Urology Associates - Long Island

Bladder Cancer Quality of Life (QoL) Database

Eligibility: Men and women who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer

The purpose of the database is to gather information about disease characteristics and quality of life issues affecting patients with bladder cancer.  Participants diagnosed with bladder cancer will complete two validated questionnaires every three months to assess quality of life directly related to their bladder cancer and selected treatment.  These questionnaires include the Bladder Cancer Index (BCI), to assess symptom-specific issues in bladder cancer patients, and the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy, which addresses general issues facing cancer patients. The bladder cancer quality of life database will also record demographic information and medical history, as well as cancer characteristics and treatment information.

For more information, please contact our research coordinator at 516-535-4184 or urologyresearch@nyuwinthrop.org

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